Aidan Briggs

Aidan's recent articles include:

  • 'Mind the Registration Gap' - Report for the Agricultural Law Association Bulletin on the recent decision in Stodday Lane v Pye. December 2016
  • 'Have you Herd? High Court Decision on Cattle Trespass' - on the decision Re Jenkins [2015] EWHC 426 (Ch)
  • 'Donatio Mortis Causa; Not Quite Dead' - On the decision in King v Chiltern Dog Rescue [2015] EWCA - New Law Journal, July 2015
  • 'More Skeletons in the Closet' - exploring the abuse of 'Business Support' in banks - (2014) NLJ 7596
  • R (Makro) v Nuneaton - The Ghost of Occupation - New Law Journal 14 September 2012
    • Practitioners seeking imaginative ways to minimise their clients’ business rates liability in a tough market should look no further than this decision of the Administrative Court. Wholesale giant Makro used just 0.2% of their premises for six weeks to reap a saving of £117,000.
  • The Scrap Metal Theft Bill - Ramifications for Businesses - Journal of Licensing
    • Originally presented by Graham Jones MP, this Bill has the potential to bring the wayward scrap metal trade into line with a new regulatory scheme and the introduction of new criminal offences
  • 'Better Late than Never: Resisting NNDR demands' – New Law Journal August 2011. (Co-­‐authored with Craig Barlow)
    • The two decisions of the High Court in Secerno v Oxford and North Somerset DC v Honda demonstrate just how careful practitioners need to be in establishing a delay defence to Rates demands.
  • 'Africa, Hearsay and the Judicial Stethoscope: The ramifications of Boenhoffer' – New Law Journal, September 2011 (Co-­‐authored with Craig Barlow)
    • A detailed examination of how Article 6 rights to a fair hearing impact upon professional misconduct hearings following the High Court's decision in R(Boenhoffer) v GMC.